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Strait of Gibraltar

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International Space Station (ISS) Expedition: 49 crew members. The image capture is a night-time view of the Strait of Gibraltar, with a Russian Soyuz spacecraft (left) and Progress spacecraft (top). The Progress (Прогресс) is a Russian  cargo spacecraft (expendable) for the delivery of  supplies needed to sustain the astronauts in orbit. 

Geographical: Atlantic Ocean (far right of image); Mediterranean Sea (left of image, partly occluded by the ISS); the great splash of light (lower, right) is Madrid; North Africa-Morocco (middle-top} ~ see the coastal blaze of Casablanca. 
Source: Image: courtesy NASA/ISS (2016).
Europa Point Lighthouse, Gibraltar (southern promontory-extremity): looking towards the Mediterranean Sea. Also known as the Trinity Lighthouse, the structure was inaugurated in 1841 at a ceremony witnessed by some 10,000 people. The 20-m high lighthouse (+49 m above mean seawater level) was electrified in 1956 (re-engineered 2016) and has been automated since 1994. Beacon range (visibility): White: 9 nautical miles - Red:15 nautical miles.

Note: The Trinity House corporation (est. 1514) is the official General Lighthouse Authority for England, Wales, the Channel Islands and Gibraltar: also responsible for navigation beacons, lightvessels and signals in these maritime jurisdictions. http://www.trinityhouse.co.uk

Europa Point Lighthouse, Gibraltar: looking east towards the Mediterranean Sea. Author Photo: 17 January 2016. (c) James  A. Oliver 2016.
Barbary Macaque on the look-out: the wild monkey of Gibraltar, tail-less and as such often referred to as "apes."  Among the better known of the Old World apes, Macaca sylvanus (=Lat.) was named in 1758 by zoologist Carl Linnaeus, who also formalised the binomial nomenclature (in Latin) of species.
The only monkeys in the world with a certain political status, the population of about 300 in five troops is well looked-after and maintained.
The species originated in the Atlas mountains of Morocco and Algeria. On that  side of the strait, the Macaca sylvanus species in North Africa is listed as endangered (and in decline) by IUCN Red List. The Gibraltar branch is thriving as the only wild monkey resident in Europe. 
An old saying is often (wrongly) attributed to Winston Churchill: When the Apes leave Gibraltar, the British will leave too. The saying derives from an older Spanish superstition. In 1944, Churchill learned of the dwindling population (only seven at the time) and - aware of the old saying - reacted with a directive such that affirmative "action this day" was eventually taken to secure the welfare of the 'ape' population. 
Photo courtesy: VisitGibraltar.com
Strait of Gibraltar:
This natural-colour satellite image shows the inter-continental meeting place of Africa and Europe. This image is a mosaic of numerous images captured throughout 2000-02 by the vertical-viewing (nadir) camera on the Multi-angle Imaging SpectroRadiometer (MISR) on NASA’s Terra satellite. 
The runway at Gibraltar as seen from the airspace over the Spanish frontier. Jebel Musa is just visible across the Strait in Morocco. The Bay of Gibraltar is on the west side of the Rock (this photo, right) with the Spanish port city of Algeciras beyond. The Strait of Gibraltar opens the way to the Atlantic Ocean (top, right).  

The distance between the Pillars of Hercules is about 14 nautical miles (27 km): Gibraltar (north) and Jebel Musa (south).  Photo: anon.
Straße von Gibraltar: a ship emerges from the Bay of Gibraltar on a course bound for the Strait. In the distance, the Atlantic Ocean opens up to the west (centre-right of photo). Extreme right of photo is Punta Carnero; out of shot is the southern Spanish port of Algeciras.

Photo courtesy: Prof. Andreas Meck (2005).
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Photo montage credits (clockwise): STROG International Space Station. Courtesy: NASA/ISS (2016).
Europa Point Lighthouse (Trinity), Gibraltar. © James Oliver 2016. Barbary Macaque, Gibraltar.
Courtesy: © VisitGibraltar.com
STROG (nadir) on Multi-angle Imaging SpectroRadiometer (MISR) on NASA’s Terra satellite (2000-02)
Rock of Gibraltar - Devil's Tower - Runway.
Photo: above Spanish frontier (anon). Bay of Gibraltar. Courtesy: Prof. Andreas Meck (2005).